October 29th, 2014


Armageddon Auckland 2014

Well that was exhausting, validating, and fun. It's the first time I've gone to an event with the express purpose of cosplaying for three days, and I had no idea how it would go.

It went awesomely.

Photo byNingkun Lu

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I didn't get a prize in the contest but I really don't mind because a) my balls worked! Eeeee! and b) the quality of the cosplay was so high that it's no insult to not get a prize in that company. Honestly, I picked about 6 other costumes that I thought were better than mine, that didn't get a prize either. I'm in very good company. ;-)

And the one that won, well.. even if you're not into the whole Hunger Games fandom (which I'm not really), anyone who's ever tried to make anything ever will appreciate the workmanship and quality and creativity that went into it:

She fully deserved to win the Trans-Tasman Cup for this IMO.

So yeah, as first experiences go that was pretty awesome. I have my next costume lined up already, and have decided that to challenge myself I'm going to do all the weaving involved by hand.

And Inquisition is out in three weeks, and I *just know* there'll be some obscure character in there whose costume makes me go *slobber* and the whole thing will start again. Never mind Dr Wheel's Amazing Idea.....