October 15th, 2014


I am a knob

I wrote this big long post that was a simultaneously hilarious and intelligent* critique of today's manufacturing practices, then things blew up at work and when I got back to it I had forgotten I hadn't already posted it, and deleted without saving.

Anyway, the upshot is I am getting my old Karrimor day bag's front zip replaced instead of buying a new one and I feel smug because of supporting local business and not contributing to throwaway culture. Although tbh I'm not sure if buyng a new bag after 6 years' daily use of the old one really counts as throwaway culture.

Also, my Kiwisaver (voluntary govt retirement savings scheme) has gone down in the last month for the first time since I started it. Clearly, investment returns are falling. Meanwhile, home loan interest rates are going up and cost of living is going up. I am not sure this economy is as rockstar as Honest John (sic) would have us believe.

* You'll have to take my word on this

The bit where I get cheeky

"Dear Scholarships Committee,

Please find enclosed my application for a Victoria Graduate Award for the year 2015. As I did not complete all of my study at Victoria, please also find enclosed a copy of my academic transcript from Waikato University and my National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 5), for which I was granted entry to Victoria University with 100 non-specified points at 100 level. Also included is a copy of my Bachelor’s degree gained at Victoria University, with which I graduated in 2013.

My intention is to study towards my Honours degree part time, completing two courses per year for two years. I realise that part of the criteria for Victoria Graduate Awards includes full time enrolment, however I would like my application to be considered for the following reasons:

1. The purpose of the Award is to encourage undergraduate students to proceed to graduate study and to research degrees. There are very few awards or scholarships offered at Honours level, therefore I believe that all potential Honours students should be eligible for the same level of encouragement regardless of their status as a full time or part time student.

2. I completed my degree while studying part time, as well as working full time and raising a family. I am unable to study full time because I have responsibilities that do not allow for such a luxury. I have a proven record of successful part time study, and do not believe that part time study detracts in any way from my academic achievement or future capability.

3. The Awards are granted solely on the basis of academic merit, therefore the format for a recipient’s study should not be relevant to the granting of an award. My academic record meets the criteria and I feel I should be given equal consideration alongside full time students.

Studying at University while fulfilling the responsibilities of an adult life is a demanding undertaking, and I would appreciate your support for my postgraduate study and consideration of my application for a Victoria Graduate Award.

Yours sincerely,