October 14th, 2014


Progressing like a progressive thing

Last night was the first of 9 weeks of back-to-back classes - first, beginner's acro, followed by intermediate contortion. Dr Wheel and I are doing beginner's acro so that he can get his assessment to train independently at the hub. The first class didn't cover anything we haven't already done at home, but he got to do it to a variety of people and I got to do it to him. There was also the inevitable trust fall backwards from a 3-stacked horse, which never gets any less terrifying.

So this morning, Dr Wheel was struck by the desire to pick up women. Me being the only woman around, I got picked up and carried around several times while getting ready for work. I'm ok with this. ;-)

Meanwhile, turns out training for three hours straight after work is mentally quite challenging. I took some food to eat between classes but didn't actually have a chance to eat it, so I went into contortion hungry. This is a bad idea for me at the best of times, never mind when the class is going to be hard and I have my broken arse to contend with. I think I managed to avoid actually crying and I also didn't get all hoha the way I sometimes do when in that state, but yeah. Pain is hard to cope with at the best of times, and I'm very frustrated with the limited range of motion in my leg right now. Boo hoo hoo etc.

On the upside, turns out that even with the injury there are some things I can do reasonably well. I'm pretty close to being able to put both legs behind my head, and I can do this thing quite well:

But it hurts like hell and I have no real way of knowing if I'm damaging myself more by doing this or not. The pain isn't getting any worse, but it's not getting any better either. I'm doing everything right in terms of strengthening and warming up, and everyone keeps saying it takes ages for these to heal. I'm pretty sure I won't have a broken arse forever, but it'd be nice not to have one now, you know?

In other news, tomorrow I will be applying for a Victoria Graduate Award for my study next year. These are enough to cover course fees and are given to students with a grade average of A for their final year of Bachelor's. Hey, that's me! Only, they only want to give it to full time students. When I completed my degree it was available to all, but they've changed it to exclude part time students. I plan to apply anyway, arguing that the stated intention of 'encouraging undergraduate students to proceed to graduate study and to research degrees' would be more effectively achieved by allowing students to study in a format that most suits them. Full time study is fine for those without careers, families and mortgages, but those of us with these things simply cannot drop everything to study full time, and if the Award is supposed to be based on merit only, then this should be reflected by offering them to part time students.

Cheeky, I know. But you never know, I might convince them. And also, I'm not above demonstrating to the Awards committee from the get-go that I'm pretty good at arguing a point. When I go for proper scholarships for my real research, they might remember me. ;-)