September 26th, 2014


So there's this dude on my Facebook

Full disclosure - back when I was 17, I dated this guy briefly. Then I went to university and realised that being committed to someone who a) lived a long way away and b) I wasn't really that into, was a bad idea, so I ended it. It wasn't acrimonious or anything.

Anyway, years later he found me on g+ and asked if I had a Facebook. At the time I didn't, but now I do, and he found me there too and friended me. I went OK because like I said, not really a reason not to. In the time I've been re-interacting with this guy, he's given me cause to be thankful for my lucky escape years ago, in that he appears to have very different values from my own, enough so that pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth makes me roll my eyes and despair for the future of our country.

And today, because Facebook loves to show you what your 'friends' are up to, I saw this, on an article from 2008 in which a local musician expressed anger at having his music used without his permission in a celebration video for a political party he didn't support:

"Haha, Only women & lefty blokes drag up trivia something from ancient times and try to treat it as though it is current news &/or relevant to a current time/situation."

What this demonstrates to me is that he's also happy to say derogatory things about women in public.

My insta-urge was to ditch him and tell him why. Or I could just ditch him I guess, although that feels less satisfying. Am I reading this wrong? Or am I just being 12?

What I do know is that I don't want people in my life that constantly make me want to bang my head on a wall.