September 21st, 2014



In good times, people tend to vote left. In bad times, people tend to vote right. 49% of NZ just voted right.

Under MMP, this means a centre-right coalition will be formed and we'll get another 3 years of increasing inequality, increasing unemployment, and increasing national debt. I will be ok because I am in the demographic this government looks after.

But I didn't vote for this and I am utterly disgusted at what it says about the values of my fellow kiwis. And because it's about values, it's personal. Essentially, if you voted for this government we do not share enough values to sustain a friendship. Hardline maybe, but I am done with the unthinking, unfeeling majority (which, like Scotland, is barely a majority) being ok with a sociopathic forex trader shafting our country's vulnerable for the profit of his rich mates. I won't associate with that. I can't, not and live with myself.