September 16th, 2014


Oh for fuck's sake

So last year when the government brought in laws expanding the powers of the state spying agency, the GCSB, John Key (the PM) was quoted widely as saying he would resign if the GCSB conducted mass surveillance.

Last night in a broadcast watched by over 20,000 people online, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden provided evidence that the GCSB is performing mass surveillance of New Zealand citizens. In fact, the project was underway before the law change, Key knew about it, and the law was changed to allow it to proceed.

Today, Key released classified documents that he says would exonerate him. Never mind the weirdness of the PM being able to do that so quickly, why the docs were classified in the first place if it's that harmless to release them, and whether the PM protecting his own reputation is a good enough reason.

The documents appear to be about a completely different project, that has nothing to do with the one exposed by Greenwald and Snowden.

Step up, Key.