September 3rd, 2014


In which I join a harem, albeit briefly

So the doctor is sending me back to the osteopath. She reckons my iliac crests are lopsided and that I have an overdeveloped muscle on the right hand side of my back underneath my ribcage, and wants me to get a full postural assessment. Basically, I may have one leg longer than the other. Which makes me go "Ok, but how come it only started to hurt last year?"

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit like a ping pong ball with all this bouncing back and forth, but it does feel better to be doing something than not. And now I have steroid cream for what she says is eczema (again, wtf?) and some 'fatty emulsion' - yes it's really called that - for my hands, which are apparently super dry. I'm supposed to rub it on and it will... do something good for my skin? I will not be doing this immediately before acro.

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In other news, over the last few days I've been having a lightbulb moment, or series of moments, in which I've realised that if I can create replicas of other people's costume designs, I can also create replicas of my own. Like, everything I make is from pictures, right? I can look at something and work out how it's engineered, and then make it. I've been known to learn specific techniques just so I can make a particular thing, and I now have quite the repertoire of skills. So, if I can learn to make the pictures myself, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be able to make the ideas into reality.

Why did this not occur to me before?