September 1st, 2014


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OK I'm really ready for Dr Wheel to come home now. Yesterday I found myself dancing around the lounge instead of working because of the really good electropsy that came on, and I looked it up to see who it was by and it turned out to be a mix he'd made for me when we first got together, called Lustful. That was awesome. And then it brought an extra edge to missing him that was less awesome.

But it's kind of nice to know that while those Hippies In The Desert were burning their effigy, I was shaking my arse as well.

Today, my arse hurts. I think I might have broken it.

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By my calculations, Wellington should be all Wheeled up again by Friday evening at the latest. But neither of us actually knows when he's back yet. I assume that'll be fixed when he gets back in internet land. Unlike many people (or monsters), he has immersed himself completely in the experience and has been out of touch since he left San Francisco 9 days ago. I'm conflicted on that - I can see why people share photos and stuff with the outside world while at Burning Man, but I'm also going "Hmm" about the immediacy of recording the experience for later sharing rather than just experiencing it.

I think that might make me a wanker. Ah well.