August 28th, 2014


La la la

So what do you do when you feel a cold gradually getting worse throughout the day? Well if you're me, apparently you go home and mow the lawn. Because in my part of NZ, Magic Grass Day is August 8 but it doesn't stop raining like it's a maritime temperate climate until, well... sometimes into December. So if you get a day in spring when the ground's almost dry enough to do it, you do it. Even if you do feel like death. Otherwise it'll be creeping up over the windowsills before you know it.

Today I feel less like death which is nice. Isolating myself to avoid giving my friends The Lurgy is all noble and shit, but after six weeks of Dr Wheel being away and the YoT having left home and all, it's also a recipe for feeling more sorry for myself than is really necessary, and possibly going to bed stupidly early because there's nothing better to do, and dreaming about zombies. I was also stupidly sad that my zombie dream ended just as I picked up a sweet crossbow and started firing it out the window. LET ME HAVE MY FUN, SUBCONSCIOUS!


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My navel, it goes deep.

Meanwhile, grist (who is my brother, for those who are new) sent me this last night:

clicky to embiggen

It's the Tesla coil he's been building. More here. Next step: set it to music. I think it lends itself to metal, personally.