August 25th, 2014


In which LEDs conspire to thwart me, because they're arseholes like that

I am still new enough to electonics to experience a thrill when, after soldering everything together and plugging it in, my project actually works. Yesterday's effort was an array of 16 ultrabright UV LEDs for the lighting effect in my latest costume. Because I'm clever (and had a link to this handy calculator thing, I ended up with a circuit that looks something like this:

Where each of the resistors is 100 ohms and the whole thing's powered by a 9v battery. Neato!

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I know when I'm beaten. After that happened, I did some nice easy analogue painting and then chilled out with some ice cream and trashy TV. Today I'll be paying Jaycar a visit for more resistors and some testing pins and a variety of other useful gubbins, and I've ordered some more LEDs just in case the duds in my remaining ones bring my useful tally below what I need.

On the upside, grist popped in with his latest invention - a little switch that involves a brass tube, a magnet, a short section of nail, and a microcontroller, that will make the LEDs switch on when I flick my wrists a la Saarebas. Nifty!

In other news, I found out on Saturday that I can base someone who is close to my own weight for quite a variety of simple adagio moves. On Sunday I found out that my muscles are *really* not used to doing that. Oww.