August 22nd, 2014


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This came through on my feed yesterday.

See? Acro is good for you!

Watching this brought up a bunch of childhood memories for me, of Dad using my brother and me as flyers for his acro aspirations. We'd make people piles in various formats and that included two-highs and the like, and when we were in a swimming pool he'd very patiently use his acro pitching techniques to make all the children fly through the air then splash down. We thought it was great fun.

For some reason, I'd completely forgotten about Dad's acro-enthusiasm. When I started to reach puberty I got really weird about my body and stopped doing a lot of the things I'd previously done. I also got my first pony so, you know, priorities. But it turns out that my history of acro goes back longer than just the couple of years I've been doing it as an adult. And when I think about it, it's completely unsurprising. Dad was a pretty athletic kind of guy - in his 60s he could complete a length of an Olympic size swimming pool underwater, after being a smoker his entire life. It feels kind of nice to know that despite not even remembering it, I'm carrying on something my Dad started because he loved doing it so much.

Meanwhile, last night at acro training it hailed a lot, and tiny bits of ice were somehow coming through the roof and landing on the floor. I felt quite lucky that it wasn't me that had to lie down in it...

And for those of you who haven't been following along at home, a couple of weeks ago Mangle disappeared. It took Tangle and Dangle a while to notice, and it wasn't till he posted a picture of herself at Golden Gate Bridge with Cookie Monster that the plot started to thicken. Turns out she'd posted himself in a box to San Francisco in the hopes of finding a way to Burning Man. It seems that her wish may be granted - this appeared online last night, courtesy of one Andy Ellis:

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I sincerely hope that the hippies (and the rich tech elite who are gentrifying up the place) don't get ideas. I miss the lil guy and would love to have her back if his transformative experience doesn't lead to a life of decommodified wandering.