August 19th, 2014


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On Saturday I took my first real fall in acro. We were in a two-high and I was practicing my Y-split (note that I've finally found out what this one-legged bizzo is called). Happy was also on one leg, things got wobbly, he had to either put his foot down suddenly or go over with me on top of him. He put his foot down which made his shoulder disappear from under my foot, and whoopsie!

It's actually only about a 1.8 metre drop, but still kind of daunting. I wouldn't choose to jump from that high. However, I managed to land safely and nobody got hurt*. Happy was kind of mortified because dropping your flyer is mortifying, but I'm pretty happy about it because it was going to happen sooner or later, and now it's happened and it's nowhere near as scary and painful as I'd been imagining. And there are things we can do to prevent a repeat performance.

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* In my head it was one of those three-point landings like in every RPG rogue roleplay ever, but in reality it was probably more like this: