July 31st, 2014



I feel myself slowly sliding away from LJ and I don't know how I feel about that.

It's partly because I held my nose and joined Facebook, and yes it is a lot more social there. I dislike the format but it supplies the interaction I crave in a way that LJ hasn't for a while.

It's also partly because I have created my own site called I Make Stuff for costuming, so all my costume stuff now goes there. I've been posting my tutorials as usual. If you'd like to see the Saarebas ones, click the photos below the cut.

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And then there's the bit where it feels as though I don't have much to say at the moment. I throttled down the political stuff because it was screwing with my worldview. I don't read Twitter much at all any more because it seems to me to be full of people posting negative stuff, or linking to negative stuff. I know, I know, change your feed - but I did that, and it still makes me depressed to go on Twitter. And so my sources of material for political ranting are limited. Heh. Talking about my life doesn't generate a lot of interaction here, and right now it's safe to assume that if I'm not working I'll be making costumes, doing circus, eating bad food, or sleeping.

Doesn't leave a lot to write about here. I still have the occasional brainfart where I want to ramble at length about something that probably only I care about, but I feel my 10-year habit of daily writing here is coming to a close.

Which means I'll probably get inspired to write something tomorrow!