July 14th, 2014


What I did on the weekend

Clothes hacking!

In which I take a top I'd bought online that didn't fit me right so I wouldn't wear it, and turn it into something that I'll probably wear quite a lot.

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I also stuck bits of leather on to bits of plastic in further development of the Saarebas costume, hung out with my brother, signed up for a contortion class, and spent a warm afternoon/evening playing around doing easy and (often) ungraceful partner acro for secret and nefarious purposes!

Meanwhile, Dr Wheel leaves for his Big US Adventure tomorrow. I have set him the task of finding something cool and famous and taking a photo of himself with it. Surely this should be quite easy in the US! He is going to have all sorts of adventures, including taking a train across the continent. I envy that one quite a lot. He's also going to that thing in the desert, so if you find him there, please give him hugs and smooches for me.

I'll be over here, high on leather glue.