July 3rd, 2014



Spending a week doing acro nonstop did a lot of things for me. One of them was to bring into focus just how much my back problems are limiting me. I would wake up every morning unable to bend properly, and spend significant parts of the day struggling against what felt like locked-up muscles preventing me from holding my spine in correct form, or lying in child pose trying to relax. On our down day there was a lot of walking, and the pain didn't stop all day. I dislike pain and I hate being limited, so I decided to take charge.

Yesterday I went to see OsteoDude. He's fixed me twice before, so I have a fair bit of faith in his abilities.

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So I'll keep taking the Voltaren and get the blood test and prepare myself to be told Welcome To Your Forties, Have A Nice Freakout, and meanwhile I'll keep doing bloody handstands because fuck you, estrogen. You don't rule me.


For those who don't give a crap about that, have a thing grist made. He's been experimenting with creating high-voltage electrical arcs in a vacuum. Turns out they are very pretty:

His latest vid is with 21k. Ooooooo!