June 20th, 2014


I will try not to drop Happy on his head

Wait, there's some kind of sports thing on? Really?

Just kidding. I know because the Google on my phone insists on telling me who's playing who every time I open it, and I saw a picture of the people who'd been evicted from their houses in Brazil to make way for sports tourism bollocks.

We had that, when the other sports thing was held here. They mopped up all the homeless people and sent them *somewhere* for the duration, and fenced in an enclosure for fans to get drunk in. I avoided it as much as possible while griping about the $500million it cost us to host it, in an environment where the government was making a huge deal out of ~$20million of benefit fraud.

But yeah, meh. Soccer. I don't even care enough to get indignant about how NZ has taken on the US name for the sport instead of calling it football which would be more in line with our cultural heritage.

Although, soccer players often have nice legs from all that running, and aren't all meaty and lumpy like rugby players. But in order to admire the nice legs, I'd have to sit through a lot of watching people kick a ball around, and when you're not invested in identifying your wellbeing with a team's performance, the payoff isn't worth it.

I'd rather get my aesthetics here - Hot Circus. Exactly what it says on the box, and sometimes NSFW. Not just guys, not just women, not just legs, all sorts of body shapes, not always beautiful but inherently hot because it's people doing things with their bodies. Thoroughly recommended.

Speaking of circus, I'm off to this on Saturday. 6 days of acro and adagio.

*will be ded*
*will also be improved*