June 9th, 2014


pombagira's got talent!

This will be the last Cullen post for a while. I realise I've been spamming you with this but as the culmination of a hell of a lot of work and also a happy thing that makes me feel good, I feel the need to share it. Normal programming may resume shortly.

I particularly like the way Cullen/Dr Wheel manages to make skirts look manly.

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Apparently there is fear of a thing called 'location stealing' - I think it's a film industry thing where people use locations and make money off movies without acknowledgement or compensation to the owner of the location. A friend of mine suggested this is what the Parliament thing is about. But I have questions:

1. Since Parliament belongs to the public of NZ and we are the public of NZ, exactly who are we stealing from? Ourselves?
2. Given that we weren't doing it for financial gain, exactly what were we stealing? Happiness?

Well actually, the security guards did that. It took me ages to calm down and it cast a damper on us for a while. Luckily Dr Wheel and pombagira are awesome and we got some great shots despite the guards' best efforts to fuck it up for no good reason.

And the best bit? In the majority of the pics, you can't tell that it's Parliament in the background anyway. That was the whole point, it's supposed to be Kirkwall.

Fucking idiots.

PS the title of this post is because pombagira took the photos. She's taken all of my cosplay shots and she's got a real knack for catching beautiful candid portraits as well as creating mood through framing. <3