May 23rd, 2014


Terve! Olen todella huono puhuu Suomea!

The other day I bought a novel in Finnish. There's no way I'm good enough at reading to just read it, but I do feel like I'm good enough to work it out. By the end I might be reading, right? Luckily for me, there are quite a few novels out there that are translated into easy Finnish. I've also joined a group on Facebook called "Let's Learn Finnish" where people from Finland and people like me try to have conversations in Finnish. So far I've discovered that Lord of the Rings is universally what people think of when they hear "New Zealand." Or, um, Uusi-Seelanti. Oh joy.

I have a pretty good handle on genitive declension, but that's only one of 11 noun cases so I've also got a book that includes grammar. I mean, what the fuck is abessive?

I've also graduated to audio, to practice my pronunciation. Now my vocabulary's about 300 words, I can make out enough in the Yli Uutiset Selkosuomeksi (super slow version) to get a very vague overview of what's being discussed. And last night I started with the audio lessons from MyLanguages. They are free and therefore not high quality, and the opening music sounds like a bad stage melodrama, but so what?

Dr Wheel is now being regaled with such gems as "Sinä olet täällä, minä olen täällä, mies ja nainen ovat täällä, me olemme sängyssä." He just nods, smiles and agrees. He's agreeable. ;-)

Did you know that it's now possible to buy *insert sports team here* onesies? I kid you not. I think onesies might have jumped the shark. Here's the shark they've jumped: