May 22nd, 2014


You wish you were as classy as me

"Hi Wendy, your back x-ray is all normal. Regards, Dr X."


Yeah, I know, it's much better than "Hi Wendy, you've a semi-absorbed twin stuck in your lower spine and it's started growing." But at least then I'd know why I wake up in agony about 50% of the time. It cost me $200 to get that text (I don't qualify for the low income subsidy and because it wasn't technically an accident, no ACC for me either). I was kind of hoping it'd be followed up with "So here are the next steps to find out wtf is wrong with you." But it's a no-reply text. Clearly to find out what to do next I need to pay another $80.

This? This is why I don't usually bother with doctors. They just don't offer value for money. Maybe I should go back to see OsteoDude. He's $60 a shot but IME he gets results. Both times I've gone to him he's fixed me. Hmm..

In other news Collapse )

I tell you what - understanding this correlation is a million times better than having some coach yelling at you to "ENGAGE YOUR CORE!"

I will have the best core ever. Yep.