May 21st, 2014


I haven't posted circus stuff for a while, sooo...

Last night we started to learn how to do this:

Only, the other way round. I think I prefer the way in the video to be honest - it looks less awkward.

Meanwhile, have a video. We can do about half of the things in this one (mostly the ones that don't involve lotus position), and at 2:30 they do the move where she's standing on his hands and moves back to sitting on his feet that goes with the thing we're learning.

There are a lot of these videos on the internet, mostly set to 'inspirational' music and shot in soft focus, featuring beautiful middle-class trust fund hippies wearing lycra and looking like it's easy. You can find them under 'acro yoga'.

Acro yoga is a term that has been coined for adagio when done by the aforementioned trust fund hippies. Actually that's probably not true, but it does strike me that when I say I do adagio, I get blank looks as everyone thinks of Adagio For Strings and wonders how the hell I do that as a gymnastic exercise. Acro yoga is, I suspect, the language of mainstreaming. Adagio is some obscure thing that only circus freaks do and is therefore out of the realm of normal people. Acro yoga, most people would have some clue about what that might involve even if they've never seen it before. And because it has yoga in the title, it makes it seem like the sort of thing a normal person might be able to do. There are classes for it* popping up all over the show, and in reality the only difference I've seen between acro yoga and adagio is that in acro yoga, you have to be soft-focused, tanned, beautiful, and have inspirational music and a serene face.

When we do it, there's wobbling, grunting and a hell of a lot of laughing. I don't know if it's a factor in being a trust fund hippie that you have to be VERY SRS all the time, but if so then I'll never be one. I'm sticking to adagio.

And if you watched that video, I bet you all watched the flyer. Nobody looks at the base - he's not the one doing the graceful poses and pointy-toed look-at-my-body aesthetic movements. But if you watch it again, look only at the base. He might not be moving much but what he's doing is just as hard, and probably more important. He's basically juggling her with his feet, and doing it in a way that makes himself invisible while making her look good. Yay bases! I note he also doesn't drop her on her head. I'm a fan of that.

* There are classes for adagio too but for that you have to go to the circus. OH NOES!