May 16th, 2014


Couple of crocks, that's us.

Last night I arrived home from training expecting to find Dr Wheel in a marlin stupor, nursing a giant foodbaby while his body made serotonin out of all that fish oil.

Instead, I found him nursing his index finger inside a large clump of tissue, and when asked, he was all "I chopped my finger off." It emerged that the majority of the digit was still intact, but now missing a bit off one side, enough to have taken part of the fingernail with it. A very neat slice, about 1cm long and 5mm wide, oval shaped.

Me: "Yes, but did you enjoy the marlin?"
Him: "I would have enjoyed it more if the bit that came off my finger didn't look just like it."

So now he's walking around with a neatly-wrapped finger that looks kind of like ET:

And coming to grips with the weirdness that goes with seeing part of your body separated from yourself.

Meanwhile, this morning I finally got that X-ray of my spine. Turns out that having to lie on my back on the bed to put my socks on, and struggling to do that, was the last straw. They had better find something, because this is simply not natural. Especially since once I get moving, I can do anything I want.

Tätä viikonloppu minä olen työ puutarhassa. Minä ole valmistautua talvi - kasvi kukkasipulit, ja laittaa komposti ja oljet päälle vihannes ja kukkapenkkien. Minä toivoa ei ole sataa. Minä toivoa myös että minun selkä ei aiheuttaa niin paljon kipu kun se ole tänään.

See that? That up there? That's me getting better at turning English into Finnish. For that I only had to look up the words for compost, flower bulb, and garden. I R PLEASED. It still reads like someone with Finnish as a second language, but at least it's comprehensible.

Won't be at Fidel's tonight btw, there is fish feasting to be done! BTW dreadbeard, I has Hunk 'o' Marlin. You can has. Is gift. You should drop round some time and get marlined up.