May 15th, 2014


A week that contains stuff

You know your work has been a bit stressful when you dream about standing up the Minister of Everything (you know who I mean) and informing him that you refuse to sacrifice your professional integrity in order to make him look good for the election.


Meanwhile, my parcel still hasn't arrived. I made a complaint which got them to attempt to find it, and they found it in their 'undelivered parcels' section in Hamilton, where it has been languishing since last Saturday. I still don't have an ETA. They claim that the sender didn't put the level part of my address on the parcel. We'll see when it gets here. Which, so far, has taken two weeks.


Today is the day I am expecting delivery of 13.5kg of smoked marlin. That's my third of that huge hunk 'o' meat from that post about when I caught it. I have brought the car in so I don't have to carry it 3km uphill, and will be attempting to distribute as much as possible after work because there's no way it'll all fit in our freezer. Eek.

I finished Cullen's undershirt on Tuesday night. It feels kind of excessive to make a whole shirt just as a medium for a mandarin collar, but there you go. Excessive is pretty much what I do in costumes. Anyway, now there is only the boot armour to go, which will be very easy and I'll do over the weekend, and then it's done. Dr Wheel has started on his goatee and it's all quite exciting!

Today I am wearing a long sleeved skivvy and a jersey over the top and I'm still cold. Never mind Winter Is Coming, I think it's here. Boo.