May 13th, 2014


Oh Courier Post, why u so ineffectual?

So yesterday I sent out the texts telling my clients I'm not shearing any more. I haven't yet managed to find a replacement for myself, but if I'm serious about doing it there has to be a cutoff point, and I wanted to give people time to find someone else before winter crutching comes round. I have feelers out all over the place but naturally, if you know anyone you'd recommend, I'd love to hear about it.

The response was nicer than I'd hoped, everyone was pretty cool with it, which I'm pleased about. So yeah, end of an area. I guess 9 years is enough.

Meanwhile, The Girl With All The Gifts continues to deliver. Good read, thoroughly recommend it, I can see a gut wrench coming and I haven't even finished it yet.

Meanwhile meanwhile, I had a parcel on the way from Hazelmade that had taken over a week to arrive. I enquired, she enquired, and we discovered that CourierPost has returned it to her because "The address provided was in a business district but didn't have a business name." I am trying to work out how this is an excuse to fail to deliver something. I mean, I gave the street address and the level of the building that the parcel needed to go to. One of the levels of this building is apartments, so they don't even *have* a business name. I get parcels to this address all the time, including ones from CourierPost.

So why is this one a fail? I call bullshit. The track and trace thing says it didn't even leave the depot near where it was collected, in Otorohanga.