May 9th, 2014


Not the only one who cuts their broadbill into manageable chunks

Yesterday my Grownup Coat arrived in the mail, and today I wore it to work. I love it, it's all warm and snuggly and grownup-feeling. It's this one. I call it a Grownup Coat because it's the first time I've ever spent over $100 on a coat that wasn't an oilskin or for snowboarding. It's for my walks to work in Wellington winters and I got it from Hikoi at a $90 discount.

They actually emailed me when I ordered it and told me it was out of stock, and they'd have to order it in but if I waited a couple of weeks they'd be having their May sale and it'd be cheaper. I thought that was pretty nice of them. Still cost me $270 though. And I can feel the difference in quality from my usual $50 jobs. I expect this coat will last me several years. Yes, I am excited about a coat.

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OK, so while I was googling for the link below about NZ's swordfish fishery, I found this video by following a link "Giant shark attacks swordfish." Unlike most of those claims, this vid is the real deal. The swordfish is about 150kg by the looks of it, and it gets monstered by an even bigger mako shark. The guys videoing it know what they are doing, and keep up a good narrative throughout. If you're interested in what NZ's blue water contains, have a look. It might put you off swimming though, eh?

* While not included under the October 1987 moratorium banning commercial fishing for marlin, swordfish can not be commercially targeted and are limited to 'allowable bycatch' throughout New Zealand's 200 mile exclusive economic zone. This essentially makes broadbill a recreational species, at least in principle.