May 8th, 2014



My little greenhouse blew away in the last storm. I managed to retrieve it but it's going to need some TLC and a less windy spot in the future. I think it would make a good seedling-starter. Problem is all our sunny bits are also west-facing so in the teeth of the wind. Hmm..

Got a text last night - "Marlin still not frozen through, found another bin of it in chiller, will send on Wednesday." So, no overdosing on smoked fish this week. But next week... *hops excitedly*

Meanwhile, I cut up the hunk 'o' swordfish into manageable chunks last night, and tonight will be the inaugural experiment in white-fleshed oily fish preparation. Recipes from Those In The Know appreciated.

I'm reading a book called The Girl With All The Gifts. Telling you anything at all about it would spoil it, but I'm finding it very good reading, and something a bit different in the sci-fi, post-apocalyptic genre.

I am trying to retire from shearing. I hurt my back last year in an unrelated incident, not hugely but enough so that I wake up in pain many mornings. Shearing aggravates it and I'd be a mug to keep doing it. I'm trying to find someone to replace myself with my clients so I don't leave them in the lurch. This is proving difficult. Any leads gratefully accepted.

Kiwiburn has a proposed new structure. If you're interested, it can be viewed here. So far the response seems pretty positive.