May 7th, 2014


Guest blogger: My Mum on middle-aged exercise

My workplace is finally upgrading me from XP. Before all the computer-savvy among us inform me of just how archaic and dangerous it is that I'm still on XP, I already know. I enquired last month, the month it stopped being supported, about when I'd be upgraded. It's happening this week.

In preparation, I've been making a backup of the personal stuff that's on my machine (9 years worth) that doesn't need to be migrated to the new OS. And deleting stuff I'd saved that it turned out I didn't need. Among it, I found a piece of my Mum's creative writing, outlining her experience with getting 'trim and toned' in her 60s. It made me grin, and now I want to share. So here, have a slice of my Mum:

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My Mum was kind of awesome.