May 1st, 2014


Another milestone

Today is my birthday. I am 44. I am not geeky enough to have worked out how many kilometres this means I have travelled while clinging to a chunk of rock that's floating on a ball of molten lava hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour, but it's probably quite a lot. Feels like an achievement.

Speaking of achievements, early in the new year I was observing my friend's legs. They're nice legs, you'd totally observe them too! Anyway, she has lovely leg hair - it's dark and lays flat against her skin, and its growth curves in such a way as to enhance the shape of her muscles. I was admiring this and decided I'd have a go at growing some myself. I've no idea what my leg hair looks like because I've been a shaver since I was 12*.

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For my birthday, one of my presents was The Ultimate Kayak Fishing Guide. In it there is a section called Think Like A Fish.

Dr Wheel *thinking like a fish*: "Where'd the water go? Can't.Breathe...."
Me: *flaps flippers alluringly*
Dr Wheel: *blows load on pile of eggs and swims away*
Both of us: Yeah nah, thinking like a fish, not that much fun, eh?


* It wasn't any kind of a thing about being more feminine or anything, it was just what 12 year old girls did to feel more grown up. And it's so quick and easy that I never found it to be a hassle to keep doing, so I did it. Personally, I think choosing whether or not you want to have leg hair is more of a feminist act than shaving or not shaving, and anyone who judges other women's level of feminism based on whether or not they have leg hair is probably missing something important.