April 28th, 2014


Knight-Captain Cullen How To, Part 14: Gauntlets

Time taken: 22 hours
Materials: Expanded PVC foam board, hot glue, Wonderflex, Rub 'n' Buff in silver leaf, acrylic paints (graphite, mars black, burnt umber), 810 cap 10mm and 12mm shank rivets, 2 x 32mm belt blanks, 1 x 20mm belt blank, 4 x 25mm chrome rectangles, 4 x 32mm buckles, waxed thread, Chocolate coloured leather dye, mod podge, pair of suede gloves.
Tools: Craft knife, heat gun, glue gun, paintbrushes, mallet, hole punch, rivet setter and anvil, rubber gloves, sponge, speedy stitcher.
Techniques: Plastic thermomoulding and fabrication, painting, leatherwork, riveting.
Difficulty level: Fiddly. Easier than shaping the pauldrons, but only marginally, and much more faffing around.

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I put a couple of stitches in the hand and arm parts to hold them in place, then threaded the bracers over the top and stitched them in place too. The final part was stitching the gauntlet extension and bicep strap to the top of the gloves, and voila! Articulated gauntlets!

I am quite pleased with how they look. Eventually I'll fix the flare on the bracers because it is too wide - however I'm going to take a rest from them for a while because making them was quite a mission!

Also, my website is nowhere near finished, but now has enough stuff on it to make me think I should tell people. And entering the Grey Warden in Armageddon forced me to write a tutorial for that as well, so I'll put that up next.