April 22nd, 2014


I like dirt. My dirt is pretty damn awesome right now.

Four day weekends ftw! I would be a very happy camper if this became normal in our society. Please make it happen kthx.

Of course, being Wellington in autumn, the weather was.. variable. I didn't get out in the boat - probably could've yesterday but the forecast said Yucky and I had made other plans by the time it showed itself to be wrong. However! Lots of Things got Done!

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OK, a question. Apropos of this pic, in which I am a little disturbed by how easily I could pass as a man, I have finally realised why I dislike facial hair on men so much.

It grosses me out because I am an outside-kisser. When I kiss someone, my lips go on the outside of theirs. So, if I kissed someone with facial hair, it'd go in my mouth and ew!

You are probably going "TMI Tats!" right now, but I have come to realise that there is actually such a thing as inside-kissing (lips go on the inside) and outside-kissing. For want of a better word. I mean, obviously the outside-kisser is not just trying to swallow the other person's head, but it's.. a tendency. Probably a spectrum like introversion and extroversion or something.

But I'd be willing to bet that inside-kissers are likely to be less grossed out by facial hair, because they have less chance of getting it in their mouth.

*ahem* I bet you next time you kiss someone, you'll remember this. ;-)