April 17th, 2014

fun and games

In which I achieve a milestone of obsession

Last night while I was stitching Cullen's elbows, my roll of waxed thread ran out. This means I have used 180 yards of the stuff* since I bought the speedy stitcher 9 months ago. Which equates to about 60m of stitching.

Essentially, I have stitched my way to the end of our driveway. Gosh.

Meanwhile, yesterday I ordered the hardware for the Saarebas costume. This one's going to be a heavy one too - it contains about 72 pointless brass rectangles, which will make the leather chaps hang beautifully but don't seem to actually do anything. I am really looking forward to making this one because it's almost entirely leather which will make it comfortable, and it'll be my first attempt to make something that's completely larp safe as well. Not that I think there's any larp around that needs a saarebas in it, eh?


Speaking of larp, for those of you who are into it and also webseries (ms_danson I am looking at you), you should go have a look at this. AFK, a webseries about larp/RPG in the making. The trailer cracked me up, I want to see this made.

Oh yeah, and I will be going to Fidels tonight since tomorrow's Pricegouge at Cafes Day a public holiday. I hope someone else will brave the sataa, ja tulevat juo kahvia kanssani. That would be awesome.

* Random fact - the waxed thread I use is made in Poughkeepsie. Oddly enough, this isn't listed as one of the industries for the town on its wikipedia page. Another random fact - Poughkeepsie is a bastardisation (oh sorry, anglicisation) of a Wappinger (local native tribe) word - as I suspect many place names in the US are. My first thought was "At least NZ native place names haven't been bastardised" and then I thought "Oh yeah, Pram. Doh."