April 11th, 2014


Hey, look! I'm not at Foo!

Instead I'm at home with my tissues and my FOMO, feeling a little like death warmed up. But somewhat satisfied in the knowledge that at least all the other geeks won't be getting sick because of me.


I believe there's some irony in this somewhere but right now, anyone who points it out is likely to get either snarled at or cried on. I probably won't be at Fidels either.

Just so this post isn't all about me whinging, have a thing that made me giggle this morning. It's about dogs, and how majestic they are.

Also, I am starting to try and conjugate Finnish verbs. OK so actually I conjugated one. It took me an hour. Finnish has eleven cases as well, and I learned the genitive for 8 words yesterday. Head asplode now. I can see a pattern but I'm gonna have to work up to recreating it for myself. But at least it doesn't have gender, right? Right?