April 10th, 2014


A slap in the immune system with an oily fish

So a few years ago, I had a flatmate that had tinea. Unfortunately, I got it. It continued for a while as it seemed we kept reinfecting each other or something, and in combination with a whole bunch of stress, my immune system eventually went "Nope."

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So now I have an excuse to eat raw salmon on a regular basis. It really is working. I looked it up and apparently 100g of salmon contains about 2g of omega3 oil (which I'm assuming is the good stuff - everyone says it's the good stuff) as well as a bunch of protein.

And while there is always a risk to eating raw fish, I tend to take a fatalistic view of that while also taking all care to minimise it. After all, there's a risk to eggs, and chicken, and tomatoes, and..