April 9th, 2014


In which I learn something about peppers

I've never grown chillies before.

Well, that's not entirely true. I grew some experimentally among the capsicums when my ex-husband and I were doing market gardening up north. They weren't very successful, I expect because of soil nutrition requirements or something.

But anyway, this mainshear one of my clients gave me* some heirloom chilli plants back in September, tiny seedlings just sprouted in the greenhouse.

Collapse )

Suffice to say that I am still getting stinging every time I put my fingers in my mouth, and it seems I have managed to successfully grow some quite strong chillies. Probably not by the standards of those who like PAIN with their food, but by my extra-tastebudded ones? Oh hell yes. And I have about 25 of the little nasties hanging out there on their plants.

What the hell am I going to do with 25 chillies when even brushing my fingers over 1/10 of one is enough to make my eyes water?

* My clients often give me produce to send me on my way - I've come home with plants, vegies, bags of meat, eggs - and once, green eggs that came from purple chickens. That was awesome.