April 8th, 2014


Spouting authority with no actual knowledge? Par for the course really

Last night, Dr Wheel and I went to a recruiting seminar for a religious cult. Well, technically, he was invited but I crashed it by telling them my husband was inside. Part of the show was a demonstration of martial arts, in which random blowjobs were used to win fights. It was surprisingly effective.

The weird part was that I was sure we had been there before. Visiting a cult recruitment drive sounds like the sort of thing we might do in real life, just to see what it was about, so when I woke up I actually asked him if we had done such a thing.

Him: I'm pretty sure I'd remember the blowjob part.

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And the saddest thing of all about all this is that some substances that have had several thousand years of user testing with minimal risk of harm associated, are already banned and there's 'no chance' according to our government that they'll be given the opportunity to prove their safety through testing and become legal.


On another note, the Finnish word for cat is kissa. The Finnish word for smooch is pussata. Coincidence? I think not.

* NZ term for crystal meth.