April 7th, 2014


In which I paddle a long way and ramble about ferries

Saturday was probably the nicest day we've had on a weekend since I bought Turtle. So I was up at 5am and on the water by 7. Because of daylight savings (which ended this weekend), it was just coming daybreak when I got my line in, and I'd been paddling maybe 5 minutes when WHAM! Fish. It was a good one, too, and I proceeded to play it like a pro, then drop it at the boat because I messed up with the landing net. Turns out using a landing net from a sitting position takes a bit of practice. Ah well, at least I know they're out there.

It was a lovely day for a paddle. I covered about 12km and only saw one other fish, a teeny blue cod that I put back. But I found, just off Lyall Bay, a large kelp forest with plants about 10m apart, just brushing the surface. The water there was about 14m deep and clear, and paddling through this was eerily beautiful, sort of dreamlike. Fishing may be my main aim, but just being out there and seeing what there is to see makes it worth it on the fishless days..

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I think my Finnish Sentence of the Day creator may be a burner. Today's phrase: "Anteeksi, mutta missähän täällä on pallomari?" which means "Excuse me, but where would I find the ball pit?"


And either they are putting me crook, or there's a big difference between informal and Google translate (which I'll assume is formal) Finnish. GT tells me that you say that phrase "Anteeksi, mutta missä löytäisin pallomeri?"

Almost everything I've read says the Finnish will forgive quite a lot of mistakes because of being grateful that anyone bothered to try learning their language. I really hope so! ;-)

* Fast, twin-hulled ferry that could do the trip between Wellington and Picton in half the time of the old single-hulled boats, but kicked up a wake you could surf, and did damage to shorelines as it went past. Also, cost heaps and used loads of fuel and eventually died a death because of losing so much money.