April 3rd, 2014


In which I squee about pronunciation of long words

Last night I had a zombie dream. It was like The Walking Dead - Andrea was there even - except more realistic. Well, realistic in that in my dream you couldn't just stick a knife between their eyes and push it in as though their skull was made of rubber.

Even ancient skulls that have been dead for years ar neither soft nor thin enough to do this, as evidenced by all the archaeology in the world ever. There is absolutely no way that you could do it to a zombie that's only been a zombie for a year or two. And if there were some thing that made their bones soft enough to do it, they wouldn't be very bloody mobile, would they?

In one building, someone had removed their heads altogether and replaced them with animatronic smiling ones that gave you helpful information about how to find your way around the building. We killed those too. They were creepy. Creepier than the normal zombies, even.

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This weekend is apparently going to be quite nice, up until about Saturday lunchtime. I plan to take Turtle out for a fish. Dr Wheel is going to give the Cosmic another burl as well.

Anyway, I just put this on Facebook because I hardly say anything there and I thought I should remind people I'm alive:

"I'm pretty sure that introversion vs extroversion is a false dichotomy. Even the 'energy flow' explanation seems to not really cover it fully. I think that a person can be introverted or extroverted at different points in time, and that it's also possible to be both at the same time on occasion. Like gender and sexuality, it's a spectrum."

It's probably not as bollocks as left-brain right-brain theory, but it's on that spectrum IMO.

* Māori is now taught in schools. It wasn't when I was a kid. Thus, younger people have a much better grasp of the language than older people, and there's some resistance among older white folks to trying to learn it, or pronounce it properly, because they are afraid of feeling silly. This resistance gives me myötähäpeää.