April 2nd, 2014


Important political histories vs salty licorice - no contest really

So when I say 'salty licorice' what country do you think of?

The first time I tried it, it was Dutch, brought home from the Netherlands by Dr Wheel (who is of Dutch descent and was rapt to find a whole shelf of the stuff in Dutch supermarkets where in NZ it's in one tiny corner of the 'foreign foods' section and you have to hunt for it). What Dr Wheel couldn't have predicted was the monster he created by giving me this stuff.

I immediately decided that it wasn't salty enough and went on the hunt for the real stuff. And before long, I found salmiakki.

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There's a partner acro convention happening in Australia at the end of June. It'd cost over $1000 to go and I'd have to take a week off work, and right now that feels like stretching my capacity somewhat, but fuck I want to go.

Please talk me into or out of it as you see fit. Bearing in mind that yesterday I bought tickets to go see Evan at the beginning of May, and I'll be at the KB Summit over Queen's Birthday weekend, that we have the Gadgit/Tami wedding to attend and I'd also like to go to Seed this year. That's a lot of travel.

But... partner acro convention! *fidgets*

* Sodium is considered one of the culprits in Meniere's disease, and the lady who tried to diagnose my unexplained hearing loss suggested I avoid sodium if I can. Boo. Salt is awesome.

Random addition: Ukraine's dolphin army has fallen into Russian hands. Best quote: "In March last year three dolphins reportedly "deserted" to look for mates." *boggles*