April 1st, 2014


In which I do organisey stuff and prolongate my domain

Hey, I just realised it's the first of April. I think that means it's a new tax year. Which means I have to do something about the whole apartment/renting/expenses situation.

I've never done that stuff before, because I've never rented out property before. The way I understand it the rent counts against my income, but I can claim maintenance expenses, expenses associated with leasing, and interest on the mortgage against the rental income. Given how early in the mortgage we are, I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and guess we'll probably get some tax back this year.

But I also think that I'll have to wait for all the other involved parties to get their shit together and send statements and whatnot before I can do anything. Because not everyone is quite so anal about getting that kind of thing the fuck over with so I can forget about it as soon as possible. Damn them.

And in the vein of being all organised and stuff, I just renewed my domain. Domain renewal is one of those things that you don't think about for years and then you have to do it and you've forgotten all your login details, moved house, got a new debit card, and generally forgotten how the site works. I use Joker.com, and they are ok. They are German, and I just received an email saying that I have 'successfully prolongated my domain registration.'

I looked it up, prolongated is totally a word. It means the same as prolonged. Why does English do this, and who told the Joker people that prolongated was the right terminology? I mean, it's not wrong, but it's unusual and a bit unnecessary.

And it is prolongating my fear that the words I am learning in other languages are also 'a bit unusual' and will make the respective Finns, Germans, Russians and Maori go and look them up to see if they even exist.

Speaking of which, I started on learning Russian words aloud yesterday. The woman who says the pronunciations sounds.. formidable. I am starting to think that Russian is just a language that makes women sound formidable..