March 26th, 2014


Is cold and dark better if it's properly cold and dark instead of half-pie?

This morning was the first one of the season that I've been tempted to skip the cold water ending to my shower. I didn't, but it was a battle. Also, my gammy hip tells me the cold icky weather isn't over yet.

I guess technically, it's just beginning. It's also completely dark when I get up in the mornings now.

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And now I'm sort of curious. Does your country have silly events? I'd love to hear about them.

* Or at least it did, before we voted in a government that has its head firmly up the US's arse.
** I get to say that because I'm from an English family myself, and they were like that too. As were all their expat friends. Except Mum, who was relentlessly positive - but she was an exceptional woman so that doesn't really surprise me.