March 24th, 2014


In which I am a great hunter and bring home the sea kitten bacon thing stuff

Well that was a weekend of two halves.

Saturday was all gardening and hacking and slashing (have I mentioned how much I love my niwashi?) followed by some adagio training which partly involved surfing on my partner's back, followed by fish and chips in the lounge, followed by the Kiwiburn afterburn party, at which Tangle, Dangle and Mangle put in an appearance and also Dr Wheel ran round dressed in a pink striped Cheshire Cat onesie and I had a very late night *ahem*.

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I have started learning Finnish vocab on the flash cards. I have discovered that Finnish has a lot of as in it. Well actually a lot of aas. And that my memory works a lot better with things that are unique and distinct rather than trying to remember the difference between antaa (to give), ottaa (to take), and ostaa (to buy). And then adding on a couple of letters (more bloody vowels) to make odottaa (to wait). I guess it's like any new set of concepts, until your mind starts to assign real meaning to them, they just all look the same. Never mind my attempt to memorise the Cyrillic alphabet. O.o

But I'm doing well on the geography. I now know that the capital of Kazakhstan is Astana and that it's really big. And next door to Mongolia. Which is a whole lot more than I knew before..