March 21st, 2014


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The internet says that today is International Happiness Day. Which probably means that technically it was yesterday for us, but whatever. I started by celebrating, did you?

Meanwhile, I've been reading Scandinavia and the World for a while now. It's created by a Dane and focused mostly on Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but really nobody's safe. It plays on cultural stereotypes - Australia's a surfer with a large Crocodile Dundee knife (and occasinally a Julian Assange haircut), America's big, brash and blonde, Germany carries a sausage around with him everywhere, and New Zealand's.. a sheep. Ah well..

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This has been one of those weeks when the weekend can't come fast enough and was already filled up 2 days before it started. Luckily, today is Friday. And payday. And the KB afterburn party is happening tomorrow, and for once I actually give a shit.

There could well be dancing.