March 14th, 2014


Expandin' mah brainz

Yesterday I started doing flashcards. Why? Because all the cool kids Dr Wheel is doing it. He's been doing it for a while - he does it in the mornings in bed over coffee, and I occasionally join in and 'help'. I especially like the geography one, so that's where I started. Also, I feel quite geographically challenged.

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Meanwhile, yesterday I brought home the other kayak. It's a Feelfree Cosmic, and is about 1.5m shorter and 10kg lighter than the Turtle. This means I can lift it easily onto the roof of the car - at least, when it's clean I can. Yesterday I grabbed it from my brother's place where it's been slowly becoming one with nature on his deck for the last *mumble* years. I scraped off the worst of the webs and detritus (including one terrifyingly large hairy spider) but couldn't clean it properly till I got home, after which I discovered it was still housing more hairy spiders and some cockroaches. Awesome.

Eventually I filled it with water, which caused the wildlife to bail. Then I scrubbed the moss off the outside, left it in the sun to dry, and put it in the place where the Turtle wouldn't fit. Over the weekend we'll adjust the seat and footpegs and see if Dr Wheel will find it comfy. It's got the spray skirt but my other paddle has gone west and I have no idea what happened to my other bouyancy aid. Maybe the spiders ate it.

But yeah, now we have two boats. We have the tiniest fishing fleet ever! ;-D Although, Dr Wheel's boat doesn't have a rod holder so he might have to paddle around and round the fish up for me. Yep.