March 10th, 2014


Dear world, get over your fascination with coriander, kthxbye

- Cleaned the house, all shiny and fancy like. Particularly liked the part where the next morning, the YoT came out and asked if I'd done the vacuuming yet and offering to do it. I'm like "Can't you tell?" O.o

- Took the boat out for a few hours down the northeastern side of the Miramar peninsula. There's a shelf about 200m offshore I was looking for, but failed to find. I spent some time with anchor/berley and got bites, and I seem to be developing a knack for catching accidental blue cod. They like it when I stop the boat to faff around with something, it's like they know I'm not paying attention. Actually, I think they just like drifting lures, so I might try that next time out. Anyway, still too small for me to be comfortable with taking home so back they went, but catching fish is better than not catching fish, eh? Also, my paddling is improving in leaps and bounds.

- On the kayak front, this week we'll be picking up my whitewater boat from my brother's for Dr Wheel to try out. Apparently the spray skirt is still there but the paddle's nowhere to be found. Weird.

- Spent all day Sunday in the garden. Trimmed edges, weeded, pruned, spread sweet pea and nasturtium seeds on all the unused banks, picked another 15 or so tomatoes, mulched, mowed the lawn, planted out broccoli, marigolds, cornflowers, stocks, and cosmos. Onions and carrots are coming up in seed trays. First lot of tomatoes is almost finished, second lot starting, beans about to come on, courgettes still going, and my solitary capsicum is getting bigger. Also, chillies!

- Went for dinner at Flying Burrito Brothers*, An hour and a half later our food hadn't arrived so we gave up and left because we had to be at a show. They were rushed off their feet and short staffed, and when we went back later they refunded us which made me feel a lot better about the whole thing, but I'm still not sure I'll go back. The show was really fun, lots of entertaining circus stuff and of course, adagio. As usual it inspired me to try doing things that will take years to get good at.

- Had a visit from the youngest Wheel. He's 19 months old and not really talking yet, but perfectly able to communicate just the same. Also, we had lunch in the sun on the deck, and my plate was sitting on the decking with a knife on it. Young Wheel was stomping and he noticed the clinking of the knife on the plate. I watched in fascination as he stomped right by the plate, then moved further away and tried it again, then right as far away as he could get to test his range. Smart kid. Eep.

* Turns out that Mexican and Thai are the two styles of food to avoid if you dislike coriander. I've taken to telling waitstaff I'm allergic because it makes them stop requiring justification for not wanting it in my meal. "Oh, do you just not like it?" is a really invalidating thing to hear when you ask about it. Actually no, I don't just not like it. I am genetically predisposed to have my entire meal taste like it's been doused in laundry soap if it's in there, to the point where it's just inedible. But I don't want to have to keep repeating this, so I say I'm allergic and they shut up. Regardless, Mexican and Thai are better if I make them myself - then I can avoid the whole issue.