March 7th, 2014


Very important question about science

Last night I saved the seeds from a yellow roma tomato that I grew from a handful of heritage seeds given to me by bekitty a couple of years ago. It made me feel all survivally and self sufficient and stuff.

And then I started wondering about genetics. You see, if you keep the ewe lambs all born from the same ram, and only change your ram every few years, eventually your gene pool shrinks and you start getting unthriftiness. The solution is to cross in from an outside line.

So with my wee marties, if I only save the seeds from one tomato, will I not be shrinking my gene pool? And given that all the plants I grew are from the same lot of seeds, how do I keep my gene pool big enough? Will my next year's plants be sad little inbred things that produce grape-sized tomatoes?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Also, you should watch this:

It's a lot more in line with the style of adagio I'd like to do. That move at 1:12? We did it. Not that gracefully, but I didn't drop him on his head. We have a fairly low bar for success. *ahem*