March 5th, 2014


In which I whine some

So last night for the warmup for training, we played Stuck In The Mud. You know that game where one person is 'it' and they have to tag other people, who then have to stand still until someone else crawls between their legs to free them? Yeah, that game. Only, we didn't really play it, because of me.

I got picked first up to be 'it' because apparently I was looking cold and miserable. Yes, Wellington has spectacularly turned on autumn by rolling in a southerly storm for us. Last night I got wet going home, it was like 10 degrees, and I was cold, if not miserable. So the coach, in his infinite wisdom, decided it'd do me good to run around being 'it'.

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tl;dr - Oh get over yourself Tats.

Meanwhile, today is a historic day. Today, the New York Times published an article outlining the result of the first study of therapeutic LSD since it was banned in the 1960s. In the study, terminal patients were administered two guided doses of LSD, two weeks apart (in conjunction with ongoing therapy sessions), as a treatment for end-of-life anxiety. The results have been very promising. While not conclusive, this study could pave the way for more comprehensive work - as one of the researchers says, it's kind of like proof of concept.

And people everywhere who've used LSD go "Well duh." Such a shame the mythology around LSD has prevented its study for so long. So great that taboo is finally being broken.