March 3rd, 2014


In which I muck about in boats

Oh look, another weekend has gone past and now it's March, which means it's officially autumn. I noticed this morning there are fewer cicadas making their noises in the trees outside our house. Boo! I would be quite happy for long, warm days to continue for a lot longer. It's not quite dark enough when I get up in the mornings to need a light to make coffee*, but it won't be long.

It also means that to be on the water at daylight on Sunday morning, I had to get up at 5:30am.

Collapse )

And it felt pretty damn good shouldering my boat and putting it on the car in front of a bunch of people, too. I am that shallow.

Oh yeah, here's another sign of autumn - the naked ladies are coming up.

These have the same leaves as agapanthus and I couldn't work out why they were dying off. Now I know - it's because they are naked ladies, so named because the flowers come up first. They remind me of my hometown. But I won't hold that against them.

Oh yeah, while I was out yesterday, my boat named itself. It wants to be Turtle. It's green, it's broad, it goes in the water, and in kayaking terminology turtle is what it's called when you tip your boat over. Hopefully that's not tempting fate - I'm going more for amusingly self-effacing. But there you go. Turtle.

* We have coffee in bed every morning. I started this habit when Dr Wheel moved in. He brings the happy habits. <3
** Kiss my arse, Pink Kayak Maker People.