February 27th, 2014


Don't worry. Dogs worry, and they get shot.

This morning I was going to tell you about my new haircut, and post pictures of that. Instead, I'm going to have a rant.

You see, I was walking to work when I got a text from the client I'd seen on Monday - her sheep had been worried by a dog in the night and she needed help to deal with the carnage. I informed work, grabbed the car, my shearing kit, a needle and some dental floss, and headed out there not really knowing what to expect. When I arrived, the sheep were in the yard - five of the lambs I'd shorn and crutched. Two were untouched, the other three in varying states of injury.

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I probably don't need to say this to the readership of this blog, but after dealing with all that this morning I'm going to say it anyway: KEEP YOUR BLOODY DOG LOCKED UP AT NIGHT. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG UNSUPERVISED. EVER. Little Foo-Foo may be gentle as all getout with your wee toddler and it might be cute when she 'plays' with other animals, but make no mistake, she is a killer by nature and given the right set of circumstances, will do the same kind of damage to sheep that you see in those photos. Even small dogs can kill sheep.

Sheepdogs are the worst. They've been bred to want to chase sheep. Even my beloved First, who was my mate for 12 years and a pretty handy heading dog into the bargain, could not be trusted with sheep unsupervised. She would eventually worry them, so I never gave her the chance. And that's the only way to be sure.

Never.Give.Them.The.Chance. EVER.

*sigh* Fact is, the vast majority of people already know this. There are hundreds of dogs in the area where this happened. But it only took one fucking irresponsible arsehole to create carnage among the local sheep and cause the death of what is probably a really nice dog. I don't blame the dog, it was just being a dog. The owner, however, is lucky that they live in town. In the country there'd be no due process, the dog would have been shot already, probably in front of them, with no compunction. And it would be entirely their fault. As it is they'll lose their dog and probably a bunch of compensation money for the dead and injured sheep. And it's all so bloody unnecessary.