February 24th, 2014


Let the silliness begin!

So I did it. I bought a kayak. It's green.

The weather was uncooperative in that Wellington Is Fucking Windy kind of way for most of the weekend. The forecase said it was going to continue not to cooperate for another week. But yesterday afternoon there was a window between the nor'wester and the southerly where it dropped below 20kts, and I took it.

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And my chillies have chillies on them! Ooh er! I'm told the greener they are the hotter they are, but I'ma wait a bit to see what happens before harvesting them.

So anyway, I think this boat needs a name. The menfolk in my house suggested The Jolly Roger, and Jim. I am.. not sure how to be diplomatic about that. Although I suspect flippancy in the offering.

Anyway, suggestions welcome, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Also, those who mentioned wanting to go for a paddle as a group, I think we should do that soon. Yep.