February 20th, 2014


Sometimes it isn't windy here at all

About 7pm last night, as pombagira and I sat sitting licking the salt off our fingers from our fish and chip dinner, we watched a thick fog roll in from the south. This morning it's still here. This doesn't happen very often in windy Wellington, but when it does it shuts down the airport and the foghorns start up in the harbour with a vengeance.

This morning there must have been a boat going out and one coming in, because it was a foghorn duet. Last night there was one that you could feel vibrating your insides within our house 3km from the harbour.

I like foghorns.

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So, instead of going "Fuckit" and spending most of my savings on what isn't really an impulse buy but feels like one in a way, I arranged with Dave to go in sometime this weekend and go for a paddle. They have a couple of fishing boats in their hire fleet, and the idea is that Dr Wheel and I go down there, hire a couple of boats, paddle around, hop out, tip the boats over, right them, hop back in, swap, paddle around some more - in short, give them a good test. Dave suggested I bring a rod to see what actually fishing from one would be like.

That way I should get an idea of how hard it is to get where you want to go in a kayak, and whether I'll find it enjoyable enough to do regularly. But I suspect if I do enjoy it a lot, in the near future I might be forking over a shitload of money for a large hollow bit of plastic and some string.

In orange (or green). And with the manly name of Prowler. *ahem*