February 19th, 2014


IRD are basically useless. Not that this is news.

Bloody hell, I got a Child Support payment. A princely sum of $35.

For those who are new here, Child Support for me has been an ongoing joke, in which (prior to this current payment) I had not received anything for nearly two years, and the total debt has crept to ~$10,000, some of which goes back to when the YoT was 13.

Periodically (about every 6 months) I check in with IRD, and they inform me that they are doing what they can, that I should let them know if I get any new information, and that they can't tell me any details about what they are doing and/or when I might expect some real action. Sometimes they tell me they've recalculated how much I should be getting paid, and I laugh a hollow laugh because the whole thing's pretty abstract when I have no expectation of actually receiving any money. It's been a bit of a saga.

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I try to be flippant, facetious and humourous about it, but the fact is, it pisses me off. I am powerless here, and that pisses me off. It would piss me off less if those who supposedly had the power to help me would actually exercise it in a meaningful way.

And I'm left with the constant question: How bad does this have to get before I get real action? Or before it becomes newsworthy? Either would be fine..

* Except for the bit where if they go to University, their eligibility for financial help is affected by the parents' income until they are 25. I don't really understand why getting an education should force a kid to be reliant on their parents for 6 years longer, but there you go.